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4 weeks ago

**DGMG Meeting – 7 p.m. February 12, 2021 – Gems from Russia by Peter Lyckberg****Visitors Welcome! Join Zoom Meeting****[us02web.zoom.us/j/88494705183?pwd=dXdPQlErVUpYbng1c01VNXMxQkNGQT09](us02web.zoom.us/j/88494705183?pwd=dXdPQlErVUpYbng1c01VNXMxQkNGQT09)**Meeting ID: 884 9470 5183 Passcode: 380465**Our Program Chair/Vice President – Dr. Pete Modreski says -**Our February program will be a video, of a webinar lecture that [Peter Lyckberg](bwm.fireside.fm/guests/peterlyckberg) gave at the [National Natural History Museum of Luxembourg](www.visitluxembourg.com/en/place/museum/national-museum-of-natural-history-natur-musee-luxembourg) on Dec. 8, 2020, on the occasion of the opening of their special exhibit about gemstones, “From Dark to Light.” Peter Lyckberg is a well-known mineralogist and geologist who grew up in Sweden and has studied gem and crystal deposits around the world. The Luxembourg museum described him as “Expert in new minerals, mineralogy of ore deposits and granitic pegmatites, genesis of deposits, and history of mining.”The [2018 Dallas Mineral Symposium](www.dallassymposium.org/2018-symposium/) introduced him as “well known for his studies of ore, pegmatite and gem deposits in Scandinavia, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Namibia, Brazil, USA. For the last 21 years Peter worked as a nuclear inspector at the European Commission in Luxembourg.”Earlier, speaking at the 2013 Dallas Mineral Symposium, his introduction included “In 1992 Peter was the first non Soviet scientist since the Russian revolution in 1917 to visit, photograph and study the classic [Emerald-alexandrite deposits at Tokovaya-Izumrud](www.alexandrite.net/localities/alexandrite-locality-russia-tokovaya-river-izumrudnye-kopi.html?ss…) near As best and the gem pegmatite and amethyst veins around Alabashka-Mursinka in the Urals, Russia, and he worked with the Yakutsk Diamond mines in Siberia.”I know Peter personally, and have heard him give excellent presentations in Tucson and elsewhere. I’ve watched this video, and it is excellent, and I’m sure you will all watch it with fascination. He described many of the famous gem districts of Russia, most of which he has visited in person, with many personal anecdotes about what it’s like to be there. The video will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long; I will introduce it and then let Peter show his pictures and stories!
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5 months ago

I need to re-landscape my very sad bare dirt front yard. This year not even the weeds would grow!!! (One friend joked that I should just spray paint it green). I think I will just go with wood mulch and xeriscape plants. But I’m looking for an interesting "centerpiece". I think that 8′ high rock fountain on the Pearl Street Mall would look perfect (but I doubt I could ever afford that). I would really love a large dinosaur skeleton like the one in the picture, though Debby is not crazy about that idea, and I would need to find it for cheap. If you have any leads or suggestions for such a thing I would love to hear it.
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2 months ago

Just West of the Thunderbird inn on the east bound side of highway 24 next to the Thunderbird storage units in florissant Colorado just put the Thunderbird inn on your GPS and we are next to the Thunderbird inn. Open until dark Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 4pm .
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3 months ago

Next weekend is the final sale and show of the year. We are going to have about 15 vendors with minerals, fossils, jewelry, drums, native American jewelry, beads, medicine bags, furs, and more plus aromatherapy, onsite metal works, handcrafted handcarved items, Christmas decor, we will have bratwursts, curry wurst, and Jager schnitzel with spatzle. Some of Colorado’s best miners and crafters will be vending.. Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th . We open at 8am Friday and close Sunday at around 4pm. Free admission free parking, freebies for the kids. If anyone would like to come vend with us it’s 25 bucks a day bring your own tables. We have room for other vendors and it’s supposed to be a pretty nice weekend weather wise. Let me know if you want to vend. Just West of the Thunderbird inn on the east bound side of highway 24 next to the Thunderbird storage units in florissant Colorado just put the Thunderbird inn on your GPS and we are next to the Thunderbird.
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Craig’s March 2020 talk to the DGMG was canceled due to the Covid lockdown.  We look forward to re-scheduling it once the pandemic is behind us!

George Daggett, DGMG 2018 President, shows us the dinosaur prints he recently discovered along the front range.

Even more videos, by DGMG Historian Margie Payne, can be found in the Members Only area with the Photo Albums.